02 February 2012

Cornelius Crow

Last night I finished a commissioned painting of my old Cornelius Crow painting. Was always one of my favorites, and is the main image on my business card. =)


JenniferKonig said...

omg this is amazing. i just spent ages in your etsy shop and will be emailing you soon with a question or two abt commissions. i actually own one of your paintings, a frida with two cats standing in a field of skulls. my boyfriend ordered it in oct 2010 as a birthday gift; the one in your shop was sold, so you painted it just for me, even wrote "happy birthday" on the back. i posted a photo of it to instagram tonight because it's been a super shitty week and your work makes me happy. what amazes me is that you seem to paint everything i love. i own a red beetle. i have 2 cats (i do a lot of research work). i have a crow tattoo and a day of the dead tattoo (among others). and, being a photographer, i collect box cameras. so yeah. i'll be emailing you abt a possible commission or two. right now i'm ordering the mini orange bug because, yep, orange is my favorite color. thank you for bringing your vision to this world. it helps us other artists keep going. :-) --jennifer konig

Kilkennycat said...

Hi Jennifer! How weird is it that I was just finishing another Frida & Cats the day you posted this?? Must have been on the same wavelength. =P I think it's super cool that my art makes you happy! We have extremely similar interests, so that's awesome you relate to the art.

All the best!