03 November 2011

'Tis the Season!

I can't believe Halloween is over and we're moving on to Christmas! It seems like it took forever to get to Halloween, but once it was here, it was over in a flash! So, on to Christmas! I'm going to be putting my head down and charging right in with new Christmas-themed paintings, Hanukkah-themed paintings, ornaments, and non-Christmas-themed paintings.This year I'm working on Volkswagen polymer clay ornaments for Christmas. They will be glittery and colorful! If you're going with a non-traditional (red&green) color scheme for Christmas, let me know what colors you'd like to see. We're going silver & blue this year, and minimalist...well that's the plan at least.Well that's it for now, off I go to work! All items are available in my Etsy shop at http://kilkennycat.etsy.com !

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