03 September 2011

Ghosts and Witches and Skeletons...oh my!

I've created a new ornament for this year: a skeleton kitty ornament! Straight from my paintings, this little skeleton kitty fits perfectly with the ghosts and witches. All my ornaments are handmade by me, no templates, just me cutting the shape of the clay with a little pokey clay tool. Then baked in the oven, cooled, and painted! Then I added a bit of wire with a rusty jingling bell to finish it off.
The newest ghosts have a heavier crackle-I really love the crackle. The witches have either purple hats with golden stars, or black and orange striped glittery hats!
I'm also working on some peek-a-boo pumpkin kitty ornaments too, but those aren't ready to share just yet. Click on the photos to see their listings, and my Etsy shop! =^..^=

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