16 August 2011

Side view, VW "School" Bus

After I finished the painting from yesterday, I started thinking I'd like to see a side view of this school bus! So it's the painting for today. =^..^=This is what actually happens when one of the kitties poses with the painting. I enlist someone to help out, get the kitty's attention (instead of them looking out the window). Today was rough. I had my son Tiarnan holding a bag of kitty treats over my head, and well, the picture below is what happened. I decided the treat bag wasn't the right way to go. =P


NatashaMay said...

Lol! That's exactly what happens with my cats, too. :) That's why most of the photos are of them sleeping. :) Great pictures and a great painting.

Kilkennycat said...

Thanks Natasha! I hear you on the sleeping part. Plus, it doesn't help when I'm laughing hysterically at what I'm seeing through the camera...and bunch of kitty faces coming at me! =D