17 May 2011

The Tomcats!

The other day while my son was doing his schoolwork, he was listening to Decemberist's songs on his iPhone and he came across this pure gem: The Mariner's Revenge. Since that day we've been listening to it quite a few times through the day, every day. >.> Totally obsessed with the music. Anyhow, it inspired me to make a little "Cat Folk music" painting.


Kay said...

love the painting..love the song..thanks for making me smile~!

Kay said...

BTW like the craftcult etsy shop gadget..just can't figure out how to add one to my page!

Kilkennycat said...

Thanks Kay! Hrm the craftcult widget, I think I just typed in the name of my shop or something and it generated the code. I think you have to have an html section on your blog. It's been a while since I put those in. What does it do when you try to paste the code on your blog?