06 May 2011

Pink New Beetle

As I look sadly at my own New Beetle dead in the driveway, I thought I'd paint a happy, pink one with a couple kitties, happily driving off to who-knows-where! Have I shared what happened to my own VW? It was once glorious, my 2006 "Harvest Moon" New Beetle. It didn't have a single problem all the time while we lived in Portland. It wasn't until it went on to a car carrier to be transported to Pennsylvania. We couldn't drive it, had to drive the Volvo to fit 2 kids, 2 cats, and 3 birds, plus computers, luggage, et al.

Anyhow, when we arrived in PA my VW was dead. Thanks to Volkswagen's coverage, we had it towed for free to the nearest dealer, 40 miles away. They said it was the alternator and that they fixed it. A month later it was dead again. So we again had it towed and they said it was the battery, so they replaced that. A month later, dead. So I'd charge the battery and drive it around and it seemed to keep the charge for a while. Then we went off to Cape May, NJ for a holiday and came back to find some knuckle-dragger decided to beat up cars the night before and smashed in one of my headlights. Oh joy! I'm rambling...but yeah, my bug in Portland, never a problem, my bug in a small town in PA and it's almost like the bug is rebelling. Who knows...SO! Yes, I painted a pink New Beetle with happy cats today. =)

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Kay said...

so sorry bout your Beetle. Love the pink one!