06 April 2011

The VW Wave

the vw wave by Kilkennycat
the vw wave, a photo by Kilkennycat on Flickr.

So it's happened a lot, driving around in my bug and I spot another bug coming the opposite way. I wait for it, it doesn't always come, but more times than not the wave happens. "Hey fellow VW bug owner!! *wave*!!" What can you do but wave back?

It happened a lot, if not more with my old Volvo's though. I have to say that I expected it more, being a Volvo lover (don't tell the VW!) I expected it and grinned like a lunatic when the 'wave' would happen. =P


NatashaMay said...

Hahaha, I've never seen that wave. :)) But I do see bikers doing it all the time. :) This painting is just awesome!

Kilkennycat said...

Thanks Natasha! =)