01 April 2011

Spring Celebration 2011

spring celebration 2011 by Kilkennycat
spring celebration 2011, a photo by Kilkennycat on Flickr.

Although we've been in NW Pennsylvania going on 2 years, we're still not used to these longer-than-appropriate Winters. As I've been working on this painting on and off all week, it's snowed. SNOW! It's now APRIL! I've checked all the trees around me and not a single hint of Spring, no buds. Nothing. Ah well, it'll just make the first buds and flowers that much more special when they finally sprout!


Kay said...

Hi..this is a fun painting. Where in NW PA are you? My hubby is from Sharon and Newcastle. I am from Akron, Ohio. We lived in Erie for a bit..ugh..too much winter ..we moved back to Utah. But I love the area in the summer!!! Lake Erie is a favorite haunt! We also loved Pymatuning lake and Cook's forest

Kilkennycat said...

Hi Kay-Thanks!
We're currently in Oil City, so relatively close to Sharon and Newcastle (just passed Newcastle exit today on the way to Pittsburgh). Pymatuning is neat! With the ducks and the huge fish...that was one of the first places our neighbors told us to check out. hehe Cook's forest is pretty awesome too, went there looking for animals to photograph in the forest but I think we strike out every time. Beautiful place though!