03 April 2011

Evans City Cemetery

  by Kilkennycat
, a photo by Kilkennycat on Flickr.

So my mom and I have a mutual acquaintance who has mentioned this cemetery a few times. We were curious and figured since every time we go shopping in Pittsburgh, we pass Evans City. So today after a shopping trip, we decided to set out and find this cemetery. Now mind you, we were expecting an neat old, eerie cemetery...

Turns out, this cemetery is the same cemetery used in Night of the Living Dead. There were a couple of men walking around, holding papers, and taking pictures. I thought maybe they were documenting gravestones for gravefinder.com or something (as I've requested a photo of my grandmother's headstone in the National cemetery in Los Angeles (Inglewood...).

So we drove around, took some pictures, then heard, "HEY!" It was the two guys. I stopped and they came up to the car and were like, "So hey want to know what we're doing here??" ... "Sure". "Night of the Living Dead was filmed here! See that building is the Caretaker's house, and over there was where the famous, 'I'm going to get you Barbra' scene was filmed, that tombstone, yeah see that? Cool huh?" Very cool.

A few more pictures that I took with the Pudding Cam app on my iPhone are here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/kilkennycat/sets/72157626420573420/

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