13 April 2011

The Cat Alarm

I don't know about you, but for me there's really no need for an alarm clock. Without fail, every single morning, Merlin (the ring-leader) comes to wake me up. The normal time is between 4-5a.m. Merlin, being a very large and heavy Maine Coon, knows how to use his weight. He'll stand on my stomach, chest, and hang out there until I stir (in pain), then he moves on to the cuddle. It's not a sweet kitty cuddle, it's an I'm-going-to-get-as-close-to-you-as-possible cuddle that involves pawing at my nose with huge polydactyl paws. At this point I usually try to pull the blanket over my face, but Merlin knows that's no protection against the claws. So he'll claw the blanket off my face then move on to sticking his paw between my chin and neck, claws out. I try to shoo him and he stops. The last move in Merlin's morning game involves the nose. He gives my nose a little lick, then BITES! That's it, game over, I'm up and ready to get the cats their breakfast.Another thing, positioning cats always seems like an easy task in my mind, until I try to actually do it. Puddy (the ginger) doesn't like any of the other cat. Ok, he REALLY dislikes Dahlia (the dilute tortie) and gets pretty annoyed when any other cat is on *his* bed. The above photo was my attempt to recreate the painting. My mother was the cat handler and my daughter Anna was the girl in the bed.Puddy looking like a sour puss at the thought of other kitties (and Anna) in his bed. =P


Kay said...

Puddy reminds me of Fat Zoe my silver Tabby who is so mean to all the other cats and dogs..she even has our Shepherd Amy cringing!! And she weighs a lot! Love the painting

Kilkennycat said...

Wow even the dog is afraid of Fat Zoe?! I think Puddy is just more put-off by the other cats. Puddy was dumped in Southern Oregon, declawed, and left to fend for himself. There was this abandoned house that a lot of homeless kitties found refuge in. When my mom and I found out, we started leaving them cat food. We'd try to call the cats saying, "puddy, kitty kitty" and Puddy was the only cat who came...hence his name and why we have him. The people who lived around the house said they'd remembered seeing him for at least a few years, this was 9 years ago, so he's just old and grumpy now. =P

Jill said...

LOVE this painting! Looks like our bed only we have 2 cats & a big dog on it with us!