23 March 2011

Bathtub and Earth Day

Ok, so the two paintings don't exactly go hand-in-hand today but it's two things that came to mind. First off, our bathroom is basically completed! Yay! It's a completely different room than how it was when we bought this house. Black and white and shiny! There are some minute finishing details left, like where to hang some pictures, hang the closet door, lay out the rugs, get a potted palm, things like that. So I'll hold off on the pictures until then.Now I've painted a few cats in clawfoot tub paintings before, but I never actually *had* a clawfoot tub myself. All of our houses have been pretty old, but they've always had updated bathrooms with boring tubs. Can I just say there's nothing like an antique clawfoot tub?? It's divine. So after the cats checked it all out, I decided it was definitely time for another kitties in the tub painting.
As for Earth Day, well it *is* coming up! Cats must certainly love the earth, nature, birds, things like that, so in my mind, they'd celebrate Earth Day. =)

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