27 February 2011

Frida & Cats, Rocking Crow

I'm currently situated in my bedroom where my computers are and now, art area. I decided I like distraction and distraction helps me work, as opposed to a dedicated art room where I'll paint in relative silence, between songs on the iPhone and kids and cats coming in to visit. I often found myself coming back in to this room, checking websites, emails, anything I could and then getting sucked into the news. That's when I realized, everything should be here. So with IKEA's help, my main computer desk turned into two desks: one where the computers are and the other where I'd paint. It's working pretty great if you ask me!

We're also having our one bathroom renovated, and the old art room now has a clawfoot tub in it as well as overflow of materials, tools, and anything else the guys can put in there. So it's *really* good timing I'm in this room now. Thankfully the bedroom is rather large and there's no feeling of being cramped. =)
I was going through my stacks of wood and found a couple things I'd drawn out a while ago. I decided yesterday I should get those painted so I can move on and draw out some more ideas to forget and paint at a later date. Frida and her kitty friends were one of those I'd found. I thought I'd switch things up a bit. I like how it turned out.The other was another rocking crow drawing. Yes, I do love this series and yes I do need to think of some different birds to paint...that'll be my next project. =)

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Kay said...

Yikes the skulls on the road are interesting! I really like the rocking crow..terrific