11 January 2011

Scaredy Cats

Hello! Hope everyone had a Happy New Year! I'm a bit late getting into the studio this year but finally managed to finish a painting that should have been finished last week! The 19th painting in my series of Scaredy Cats.

Currently working on ideas and paintings for Valentine's Day and will most likely be bringing back some of the Valentine angel cats this year too. =^..^=

My kitty Merlin sleeping in my bed this morning, cuddling with my daughter's doll. haha!


Kay said...

Kittys that hibernate?

Kilkennycat said...

Kitties laying in bed! p.s. I added a picture of one of my cats (not a scaredy cat) with his head on my pillow and under the blankets in my bed this morning. =)

T.Allen-Mercado said...

Studio-what is this studio you speak of. I'm way behind this year.

The Scaredy Cats are too cute, we have a family of scaredy feral cats camping out in our yard.

I'm looking forward to your Valentine's series. Hehehe, Merlin likes the doll, eh?

Kilkennycat said...

I'm totally behind too. Eep!

My studio is the extra room in the house aka also the kids' art studio, the cats' lounge room...haha! I managed to get everything cleared out of the middle of the room so there are 'art' stations all around and a plethora of storage! I think I posted pics after I painted and tried to 'fix' the drywall on one side of the room, on FB Tameka: http://www.flickr.com/photos/kilkennycat/5347658763/

One day I'll get the rest of the wallpaper off and paint the other half of the room that isn't shown. =P