02 December 2010

California Christmas

Every now and then, while surrounded by snow either here in NW Pennsylvania or back when I lived in Iceland, I start to miss the California palm trees. I'll be honest, in Palm Springs I hated them because the ones in our back yard were technically date trees. With those trees came these HUGE date roaches. They'd scurry along the backyard fence and in the grass. I have a fear of bugs, and coming from Los Angeles, I'd never seen such HUGE roach-looking things!

Oh...well ok besides those trees, I *do* miss palm trees! Sometimes I think back and remember how I wished we'd have snow on Christmas. Now, I look back and think about how snow didn't make things more "Christmas-like", family did. =)

So anyway, I painted this latest painting with California memories, lights wrapped up the trunk of palm trees. =^..^=

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