09 November 2010

Festive Lights

Last year I painted a couple Volkswagen bugs with lights around them for the holidays. I stuck with red and white bugs. Well I started thinking the other day, we're not restricted to just red, green, and white for Christmas, so why should the bugs be?? People decorate for Christmas or Festivus (hehe) and other holidays in December with all sorts of colors! Maybe someone has a pink tree, or maybe you're celebrating Hannukah in blues, silvers, and whites...maybe gold. I don't know! But that's the fun of it: choices. Anyway, sure I'm probably totally overthinking the whole thing, but I'm having fun regardless, painting these happily colored bugs with their festive lights! These are the first three, but I have many more planned!


Kay said...

love these..just saw the festivus show the other day!

Kilkennycat said...

Thanks Kay! haha I love festivus...for the rest of us! =P

Cristo 68 said...