02 November 2010

Dia de los Muertos

Ok, so the day is almost over, but I remembered I should probably write on my blog! Whoops! After all the gearing up towards Halloween and the busy day that finally arrived, I've not had anything to post here!Today I decided, since it was the Day of the Dead, to try and bake some of the traditional Mexican bread, Pan de Muerto. I'm surprised I actually managed to make it, and it *looked* how I planned. Yay! The downside was, I didn't add anise to it. My mom isn't a fan of licorice (I love it...the saltier the better) so I figured if we were going to eat it, it should be eaten and enjoyed by all of us. Tip, add anise.Of course today wouldn't be right if I didn't paint a little Frida, as a Catrina!

Also, since I missed posting on Halloween, here's a picture of what my Tiarnan and Anna went as! Tiarnan was a Ringwraith from Lord of the Rings-sans hat because he liked his makeup. Anna was the Queen of Hearts!

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