05 November 2010

Carbon Copy & Violet Nightshade

Just a quick update on the two kittens we found three weeks ago. They've been named, yes. Carbon Copy is the smaller of the two (my kitty) and Violet Nightshade is the rambunctious girl (my mom's).
They're doing super well considering they have a parasite in their intenstines. They have what is called coccidia. As they were only about 5 weeks old when we found them, their immune systems weren't strong enough to fight them. They've been on two different medicines, one which tasted like cherry and made them foam at the mouth, and we just got a third. We're hoping the third medicine works. Their stomachs are still rather large because of the parasite, however they're extremely lovable and playful. Their purrs roar the minute you pick them up!
We've seen their eyes go from blue to a beautiful green, and they're about 8 weeks old now.


Jill said...

Oh they are both just adorable! Thank you so much for rescuing these sweet souls! I'll never understand how anyone could do that. So glad they are safe in your care & your mom's care now!
I love your new Christmas painting & that skelly bread looks yummy!
Have a great weekend! Purrs...

Kilkennycat said...

Thanks Jill! I'm happy too we found them, it was just such random luck that we did. It was definitely these kittens' lucky day! (Ours too!)

You have a super weekend too. =)