08 October 2010

Frida, revisited...

So I got a lot of requests to do this painting again, some wanted it larger, others wanted it on canvas. Well, here's the deal, I rarely paint larger canvasses. As I don't use an easel to paint, the larger canvasses become quite a hassle for me to rotate every-which-way. I'm used to holding the canvas in my hand and painting, rotating... The right side of my paintings usually have to be painted upside down as for some reason, my left hand just doesn't want to paint the same on the right side! Anyway, here's, "Frida y Gatos, 2", with some minor changes.

In other news, my art studio is actually usable now! I still have to organize one half of the room, but paints, canvasses and my desk are now accessible. I finished two paintings tonight! However, during the "mini renovation" I discovered I have quite the stack of unfinished paintings. I need to get busy!

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