06 October 2010

Decorating for Halloween

Well I think we're finally finished with the OUTSIDE of the house! We've pretty much raided the basement and brought up all the Halloween items. It's been raining almost constantly which made us a bit slower than normal in finishing. Our solar lights are in place and we're hoping they get enough juice through the clouds to light up tonight for a final, lit-up photo.

The inside is, for the most part, finished as well. Though the vampire is now looking out one of the front windows to greet our visitors. Muuaahahha...

I haven't gotten around to any new paintings as I decided I couldn't stand to look at my studio room a minute longer. There were layers upon layers of wallpaper and I decided it must come down. After removing it, I started to wonder: What's worse? Pink walls or yellow plaid wallpaper? It was a tough call.

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