16 October 2010


What is wrong with people? We were heading out on a road trip this morning, with no real destination planned. Maybe we'd arrive in Vermont, maybe we'd make it to New Hampshire. It didn't matter, we were just going to drive Route 322 and if we saw signs for another state, we were going to head that way (well not to New Jersey...).While driving through someplace 70 miles from home, no idea the name of the town, we saw signs for a "Haunted Barn". Naturally that peaked our interests! We imagined an old, decrepit looking bard, all spooked out for Halloween! What we found, instead, was a creepy road, with a torn up trailer, trash, and a box. While taking photos of some weird graffiti on the side of the trailer, we heard a tiny meow...Inside this brown box, lid closed, were two TINY little black kittens. Our hearts sank instantly to think that someone dumped these two beautiful kittens, in the sun, in a box, on the side of a creepy road. What could we do? We had to take them home!We stopped by a local store and picked up some items for them: cat box, natural litter, and kitten milk powder. We're not sure what they were eating before, or if they ate anything but their mother's milk, but their stomachs are HUGE. After giving them a thorough cleaning, one of their tails might actually be broken and the bone might be poking out. On the way home we looked for a vet and apparently, vets don't open around here on Saturdays. So we'll take them on Monday. Two little kittens were very lucky today.


Anonymous said...


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twizlette said...

they probably have worms.. ]: poor things

Kilkennycat said...

We're leaving for the vet now to get these little kittens checked out. =)

Kilkennycat said...

The kittens checked out in good health, minus stomachs full of worms! They're on de-worming medicine and it'll be a little rough for them for the next 6-10 days but they'll pull through it! So happy. =)

Miss Pickle said...

im so thankful for people like you,im really happy they just need de-worming..poor souls..i hate people so much sometimes ..if i'd be granted a wish and one wish only i would choose to help all these poor abandoned animals . keep us posted about the kitties, hope they're okay by now

Kilkennycat said...

They're doing really good, very happy and playful. We found out they actually have coccidia, a parasite in their intestines and Carbon Copy (the smaller one) is smaller because he wasn't dealing with them as well as Violet, his sister.

They've been on two different medications and now our vet gave us a third to try. It's been three weeks since we found them and their stomachs are still rather large and Carbon continues to have diarrhea which is a major symptom of coccidia. We're really hoping this third medication works this time.

Will definitely keep you updated and get take a couple new picture of the babies. =)