05 September 2010

Pumpkins...I have pumpkins on the mind...

Our garden pumpkins...

This morning, armed with a knife, I went out to see about the few pumpkins we've managed to grow. After waiting, apparently too long, for a certain pumpkin to turn a darker orange, it appears it imploded. Very sad. So I decided that wasn't going to happen again! I cut the largest pumpkin we have that was hanging on the fence, then the little white pumpkin (also hanging on the fence) because it hadn't grown any larger after a week. We officially have TWO pumpkins cut and sitting quietly in the garage.

Mums from Portland, Oregon...I miss them.

There are still three pumpkins that are turning orange, one of which is about the size of a watermelon, and another orange one that's large as well. They'll probably be coming off the vine some time this week. I'm not going to complain about only harvesting 5 pumpkins seeing as it took us 5 years in Portland (all failed attempts) and one year in Pennsylvania to produce one. =P

"Under the Full Moon..." 5" x 7" acrylic on canvas

So with the thought of pumpkin orange on my mind and our never-ending search for PROPER sized potted orange mums (really I think everything is smaller in PA as opposed to Ca. and Or.), I painted an orange Volvo today. Two kitties feeling a little weary, driving under a full moon.

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