03 September 2010

Meet Nimbus!

Ok, here's the short story. Our neighbor's cat gave birth to two beautiful kittens a couple of months ago. They offered one to us which we had to say no because we have three full grown, older cats. Well...today both of the kittens were out frolicking around and the one that we fell in love with was just pulling at our heart strings! We said yes. I swooped up the kitty, knocked on the door, and said, "We're taking this little guy home!" Welcome to the family, Nimbus!
Tiarnan was aware of what was going on, and gleefully so. Anna on the other hand had no clue. The look on her face, when she walked out the front door and saw Tiarnan holding Nimbus, was priceless! He's just the cutest little kitten! Red nose, red ears, crystal blue eyes, and a red-ringed tail. His mother is a calico so we're not really sure which neighborhood cat she mated with to produce this little guy. His brother is a buff-colored ginger tabby.
Tiarnan of course isn't quick to forget that his #1 kitty is mister Merlin, the Maine Coon. =P


T.Allen-Mercado said...

Hi Nimbus! :D

Kilkennycat said...

He's just the sweetest little kitty! =D

Jill said...

Congrats on your new kitty! Nimbus is adorable & lucky to have a new home. Oh & Mr. Merlin is one handsome boy too ~ I love Maine Coons!