07 July 2010


Sorry I haven't posted in a while! Been so busy doing Summer things. We managed to squeeze in a trip to Cape May, NJ a couple weeks ago-that was awesome! Being by the ocean again was definitely a treat, but it was hard to leave.
We like to take mini-trips to see where we end up-Cape May was a 9 hour drive so it wasn't too bad. A few days ago we went to Jamestown, NY and found Lucille Ball's gravesite. I think it made us like her even more because her body came home, to a non-flashy-Hollywood-type burial. A very simple gravemarker.
Needless to say, I haven't gotten around to any new paintings. It's currently way too hot for me to even think about sitting in my studio. I found yesterday that some of my acrylic paint lids had popped open due to the heat. So I bundled all the paint up and brought it into a much cooler room. Thankfully this heatwave should end tomorrow! Humidity+heat is the worst thing I've ever experienced. Coming from the West Coast, I'll take the dry heat of Palm Springs any day over this!

We also celebrated my daughter, Anna's, 7th birthday on the 2nd, then of course it was the 4th of July! Which I hope all of my American friends celebrated happily and safely!

I hope to be back to painting by Friday! No idea what I'll be painting, but I'm sure it'll come to me by then. =)

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