13 July 2010

Pumpkins and Gardens

I was noticing the other day, how absolutely huge our broccoli and cauliflower plants where. They were gigantic, their leaves were hiding the sun from the nasturtium which desperately was trying to grow up and around. Then it dawned on me, something's wrong. There's no broccoli or cauliflower heads, only massive leaves. So I decided to look it up and apparently the zone I'm in is too hot for these cool weather plants. How sad! I'd never thought of them as "cooler" weather plants. We didn't have any problem in Portland with these two veggies during the Summer. Ahh well, so now we know to plant in early Spring and in Autumn, so we'll try again in a few months!
Now something that is not having any difficult growing is our pumpkins! We've planted all different types of pumpkins. White, carving, monster (or giant-something like that), and they're all doing amazing as expected. So far no signs of blight which always ruined our pumpkins in Portland. Crossing my fingers the blight never comes to our patch in PA.

All of our tomatos have taken off, except the topsy-turvy ones. It's quite possible they're not getting tons of water, but when we check, the soil is moist. Our raised bed tomato plants have taken off and they're massive as well. So far no red tomatoes though. Soon I'm hoping!
Our lovely dark-leaved porch tomatoes are probably going to beat the backyard ones. There's something so beautiful about these leaves we just had to have this tomato plant! The tomatoes themselves are looking good!

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