12 July 2010


My children, Tiarnan and Anna, are just in awe of fireflies! As they've never seen them in Oregon or Iceland, they're dumbfounded by them! Almost every night they'll ask to stay up a bit late so that they can catch the fireflies. "I've caught a baby one! A BABY FIREFLY!", my daughter exclaimed last night. She was so excited. They've moved on from trying to catch just one, to trying to catch 3 or 4 in their hands. Last night when we came back inside, Anna went over to the kitchen table where her purse was. I saw her open the purse and out flew a firefly! She said she was trying to keep it as a pet. ha!

So one of my paintings for today is fully inspired by my dear children. Two kitties watching fireflies they've caught and put in a Mason jar. =^..^=

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