18 June 2010

Good day, latte!

So we considered ourselves pretty addicted to Starbucks when we lived in Portland. The thought of moving to a small town in Pennsylvania was horrifying-no Starbucks. We figured there's a little coffee shop so all should be fine! Only, it wasn't. You get so used to a certain flavor (some say a crap flavor lol) that you cannot manage to drink anything else. Well, for us it was true. That and really, you don't make iced lattes over crushed ice unless you want a watered down latte.

Anyway, that's when we became reacquainted with our dear Breville espresso machine! It's lovely to look at, all shiny and chrome, but it also makes some mean espresso! So I'm all latte-d up and not really planning on doing any art things today. Instead, we're going to find Route 666 and see what picture-worthy things we find! Have a fun Friday!

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