18 May 2010

VW Splitty Road Trip Sign!

Can you tell what's on my mind? Two consecutive dreary days and here I am painting about road trips! While I might not be a fan of the sun (due to PLME) I do enjoy doing things when it's dry outside! I could say that the rain is keeping us from setting up our raised garden beds, but that's not the rain's fault. Apparently, you can't really plant stuff here (or it's suggested not to) until after May 31st. Totally bizarre to me being from the West Coast where you can plant all day, every day, all year long!

Oh, right, the painting! Three VW splitty buses all lined up and ready to go on a road trip! My painting for the day. I finally got around to finishing it. I'm hoping to work on something not VW related tomorrow. =)

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