06 May 2010

Speckled Bird

speckled bird
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So, I'm putting this on my blog because I'm going crazy trying to figure out what this bird is! We've got cardinals, grackles, house finches, and other birds, but this little guy is an unknown. He's got a long yellow beak, black/brown shiny feathers with yellowish spots. He sounds kind of like a duck too. Help my bird-watching friends!

****Update!!! It's a Starling!! I found the answer someone else had asked on answer.com. WOOHOO!

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Rah said...

most likely you had trouble figuring out what he is cause in this picture he is a still pretty young (all his adult plumage isn't in yet and body is still baby shaped) and Starlings usually are found in big groups. They make all kinds of wonderful sounds and can mimic!