26 May 2010

Rocky the Squirrel

Oh today has been a very...busy/not busy. Hrm, doesn't really make sense, but it does! I spent a most of the morning stalking...I mean photographing birds. bees, and squirrels, again! Made some fresh blueberry pancakes for Tiarnan and Anna, then went back to photographing critters. Then our Amish friend stopped by to put in our magnificent, newly refinished, antique front door. When we bought it, it looked as though it had been in a fire, (it hadn't) the varnish was soooo bubbled and cracked. His father made it look like GLASS! I'll post photos after they're done with the trim and whatnot. So that was the busy part. The new door was about 3" too narrow on both sides, so they had to build up the door frame to make it fit. It took a few hours and bird-watching had to stop. Though I was amazed at how often Mr. Bluejay stopped for some birdseed with all the commotion. Here I was thinking the slightest sound (me moving) would scare him off! He's a total faker! =P
It's also been very hot, which made the day seem like it lasted forever! It's still hot and I don't dare go into the studio and try to paint until it cools down another 10 degrees or so. Needless to say, I won't have a new painting until tomorrow! (hopefully!)


Kay said...

where in NW PA are you? My Hubby is from Sharon and Newcastle and my oldest boy was born in Erie! I am from Akron, Ohio..but we live in Utah...love the squirrels..my Mom in Ohio now has a black squirrel.

Kilkennycat said...

We're in Oil City! Not too far from Sharon. We decided to leave Portland, Oregon city life and try some place we'd never been. We kept coming back to this town and the houses. We bought a house online and have been slowly getting used to the area. (We do have food sent from Oregon though...huge difference in food from the West Coast!)

I love the squirrels here too! I never really paid attention to them in Portland-I was always more in love with the crows and hawks in the city. So far there's a black squirrel visitor (named Berry), this featured guy (named Rocky), and a one-eyed squirrel named Jackie. =P They're just so ridiculously cute! I might even try to paint one. ha!