19 May 2010

Cream Puff & Rotting Church

Yeah so I didn't get around to painting anything today (yet). Cyber school ends on the 4th so I spent the better part of today making sure the kids' work was up to date and that they're on track. They'll be done before the 4th, but I like to make myself panic apparently.So I decided that Cream Puff, my New Beetle, deserved a little photo shoot! We just had to find an area that wasn't too infested with electricity wires. You don't realise how amazing the world looks until you live somewhere where they actually put the lines underground. Iceland was amazing because of that. But I digress!

Cream Puff found a little area in an old cemetery where only one pesky line was in my view. Eventually I'll edit the line out, but I'm tired and being lazy. The line wins today.
On the way back, we stopped and revisited a photo opportunity: a rotting church. I love this old church building and am always disappointed to see it's sad state. If I had the money, I'd buy it and repair it. I don't have the money so I'll just pass it whenever I head out that way and watch it fall into even further disrepair.

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