09 March 2010

Strange Tuesday

Today it was planned that we would all go and see Alice in Wonderland 3d today. I thought I'd work on a painting before the 10 a.m. showtime and was almost finished when my mom had me look at her finches. One of them had died; the other one wasn't fairing too well. Definitely not a good start to the day. Sadly, both finches passed today and it was very, very sad. My mom had enjoyed her beloved finches for 8 years. The little chirping, squeaking, playing with their nests, stuffing, unstuffing, et al their little characteristics no more. We decided that we're going to go to Pittsburgh tomorrow and offer a home to some new society finches. To not have their beautiful sounds in the house just doesn't feel like 'home'.
We managed to keep a good vibe and take the kids to the movie. It was good, corny in spots, but Anna reaching out to touch the images made everything worth it. THIS was the kind of 3d I was hoping for the kids to see. Yes Avatar was amazing, but it wasn't the, "OMG MOVE" kind of 3d I was used to.

Anyway, I did manage to finish two little paintings today. Basically trying to keep busy. A "sunny" girl with two kittens and an odd girl who liked to dress as a bee.

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Pearle said...

I love your cats. My daughter and I have two cats named Free and Groovy. Free is really fat so we call him Fat Free....he is 22 pounds. He is probably so fat because my daughter carried him every where or pushed him in a baby stroller for the first 3-4 years of his life. Anyway....your paintings make our hearts thump! Great work...truly wonderfully joyful to look at! xoxox
Pearle from Boston area