15 March 2010

Rocking Toucan and Cats

The rocking toucan, one of the many interesting things my mom purchased. The kids both loved to rock on it (and still try to) and it's usually one of the first things people notice when they enter the house. "Oh, is that a rocking...toucan?" Yes, yes it is. So I decided to do a little change to my, "Cats' Ride" series, you know with the crow, the goose, and the ostrich, and instead have kitties on rocking animals. Rocking crow, goose, toucan, and maybe some others. I'm going to start with the three today. I think they'll be fun and interesting!

Today we decided to remove the hideous and damaged storm windows from the front 1st floor windows. Lucky us they came with the house! Now we can clean the front windows on the outside, thus giving me a better opportunity to take photos of Puddy and Merlin! Well...ok mostly so they can be cleaned now.

Time to get painting!

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