31 March 2010

Getting lost in Pittsburgh...

What did you do today? Anything fun and exciting? Me, I got lost in Pittsburgh! Now, I'm from California, where the traffic is endless and the freeways are as well...but there's a reason for this freeway and that freeway. In Pittsburgh, I couldn't figure out exactly WHY I kept going around in circles, only to end up completely off track, going through a long, scary tunnel to a side of town that was full of car lots. When finally I turned around and found (what I thought was) my bearings, I kept looking for a specific road/highway to only be turned around again, going the opposite way.

Slowly panicking as I watched my car leave it's GPS track, I finally found the proper roadway and set out to continue the quest of finding a Whole Foods. That quest was, let's say, even worse than the bridge quest. Looking for streets that I swear are no marked, was a nightmare! I had to rely solely on my GPS to tell me I was going the right way. Finally, about 45 minutes after driving around completely lost, Whole Foods was found!!!

Oh it was a glorious moment. However, the glorious moment was cut short after we left, heading back out of the Shadyside neighborhood of Pittsburgh, into Oakland, and some other part in which the buildings got more and more decayed, the roads got more and more pitted and narrow. I didn't think the freeway that would take us to the freeway, that would in turn take us to THE freeway that takes us home, would ever appear! Thankfully, it did, and we made it home safely. Now, as much as I love to shop at Whole Foods (a bad impression of New Season's in Oregon) I doubt I'll be returning any time soon to the Whole Foods in Pittsburgh, unless they figure out their freeway system and make it better!

Sorry for the unusual rant, but after driving in cities all over the world, Pittsburgh was the most confusing. So, there is no painting for today, but I can give you a hint of what my next painting will be: kitties in a VW with a cityscape behind them! haha!

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