11 October 2009

Last Halloween Paintings for 2009!

Yep, Halloween is so close I'm done for the year! Time to move on to normal kitties, Autumn kitties, and Christmas/Hanukkah kitties! I finished my last painting, "Haunted House", some time this morning. For some reason (probably the size 16" x 20") I put this painting off for a year. I had the moon and the house and that was it. I knew there would be trick-or-treaters, but whether they'd be cats or human, was totally unknown. So I waited...and waited...and finally addressed it today! I think it came out cute!

I forgot to blog about my favorite painting this year, my three cats dressed as ghosts, lost in the woods, on their way to a Halloween party!

The moons paintings are from a couple nights ago. Simple, black cats on a broom in front of the moon! lol

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Lirael said...

I don't usually comment a lot, but this time I have to! I have an award for you to pick up on my blog. I love your work, the kitties are so cute! :)