13 July 2009

Hello from Oil City, Pa!

Sorry for the lack of bloggage. We've been so busy moving cross country, then finally getting to Oil City and finding our *new* house left absolutely, disgustingly, FILTHY. From the moment my mother, the kids, and I got out of the car, we've been cleaning, painting, removing plywood from a top the original hardwood floors. SO TIRED... We tried to get as much done as we could before our furniture arrived. There was a set back in what was originally to be my bedroom, i.e. something to do with wallpaper, paneling, and glue which resulted in some bits of wall being pulled off... Needless to say, my bedroom changed places with my studio. lol
The good news is, things have been unpacked, things such as my studio items. Hooray! So I managed to eek out another little VW painting.
I've taken a photo of the view outside my bedroom window...just to give you and idea of the amount of trees here. I'll have to take a photo from the 3rd story windows to show you the Allegheny river.


T.Allen-Mercado said...

That's a BIG move! I was keeping up with your progress on FB, after all of that traveling I can't imagine arriving to a filthy house *growls*. I'm glad you're all settling in nicely and love the colors on this last painting!

Kilkennycat said...

Hi Tameka! Yeah it was pretty disappointing. We almost jumped back in the car and went back to Portland. lol I honestly don't know how someone lived in such filth. The heating grates, dear lord, were full of FOOD STUFF! The walls, ceilings, etc. I know there were two little girls that lived in here. Poor dears having to live in such grotesque conditions.

Can you believe that someone literally could go like 5-6 years without cleaning anything? When we cleaned the windows, they were dripping brown dirt.

At least it's clean now, though we're ripping out the cupboards and everything in the kitchen because the stains/dirt/filth simply won't come off. /shudder We bought free standing metal shelves to put our dishes and food on. lol