04 April 2009

Why ruin our sky?

It never fails, anytime we have a cloudless sky, the chemtrails show up. They fill the otherwise pristine blue sky with messy lines of white. Contrary to popular belief, Portland already has horribly poluted air (not the smog you see in L.A.) but devastating polutants from elsewhere that rides right in on the wind fronts. I was out almost all day with the kids for a tball game and a baseball game. During Tiarnan's baseball game, Anna wanted me to take a photo of the moon...too bad there was a chemtrail right in it's path. I wish for just one sunny, clear day to NOT see this crap before I leave Portland.

Do you see these trails all over your town everytime there's a sunny, clear day?


Naija said...

we dont have that problem in sweden we got an clear sky :)I would not wanted to live in a place where i know chemicals are..

Kilkennycat said...

That's why I miss Iceland. Just to get off the West Coast will be better for us. /sigh