16 April 2009

New Necklace

No, not a real new necklace for me-I'm still in love with my Swallow necklace from Etsy seller Gomeagan. The new necklace I'm talking about is the one four little tuxedo kittens got for their mother for Mother's day...my newest painting. =) Beautiful gold and clear Swarovski crystals make up the mother cat's new necklace. They were so sparkly, that you can see crystals in her eyes (two tiny, clear Swarovski crystals highlight her eyes).

Unfortunately, my own mother isn't so easy to buy for. If it isn't antique, odd, or umm...well if it isn't either of those two things, she doesn't want it. (can't say I blame her either) I've painted a few paintings for her for the past few Mother's days...one hangs in my studio. So yeah, buying for her is tough. Is your mother as difficult to buy for?


Naija said...

nope she loves evrything handmade from me :0 did you grab your award or you dont take it?

Kilkennycat said...

hrm you're lucky. My mom doesn't like anything "cute". lol

No I don't post awards on any of my websites, but thank you so much for the thought.