21 April 2009

Musical Interlude

So I've been pretty busy the past weekend, emptied 22 boxes of stuff in the garage for the Goodwill. We don't do yard sales-interaction with people and this price or that...no thank you. It's easier just to donate, plus donating is awesome. We're totally getting in gear to move hopefully in August or early September.Sooooooo...that brings me to today. WOOHOO!! Today is the release of Depeche Mode's new album! I've been a fan ever since I heard them in Toluca Lake on the radio-Kroq-when I was 11. I thought about pre-ordering it, but honestly I have no patience for the mail. You see, I've been waiting almost a month now for my replacement cd for Sigur Rós' Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust. I decided that I couldn't wait any longer, so I picked up that cd this morning as well! lol With one new cd and my fav current cd (Sigur Rós') I'll be happily painting along today. =)

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Naija said...

so you are going to move?whre?I do also donate unwanted stuff..I believe that more you give to others more you get back :)