13 April 2009

Midnight Blue VW Bug

OOooooh metallic paints! I remember the first day my local art store got these in. I went nuts and bought a bunch of different colors. They were perfect for my VWs. I went back and bought some more colors. I think I have 9 different colors now. I used them for my saints as well-the clothing looked amazing with it's metallic sheen.
So I finished my newest painting, a midnight blue VW bug, last night. It's always hard to get an accurate color in a scan of metallic paints since depending on the light, the blue can appear lighter or darker. In person, the color is just beautiful. =) I'll be listing this painting on Etsy a bit later today.


Naija said...

love that blue colur

Mark Matusiewicz said...

Do you still have the midnight blue vw with the two cats for sale? Copies?? My name is Mark and you can reach me at mmatusiewicz@yahoo.com