03 April 2009

Knott Street

Knott Street is one of my favourite streets which I drive on numerous times daily. I love this street as it's one of Portland's many tree-lined streets. Thankfully, the majority of these beautiful trees still stand-not removed by new home owners. They stand proudly, majestically even. Now that Spring is here, the many Cherry (I'm guessing Cherry because of the beautiful blossoms) trees have blossomed again their brilliantly pink petals. What's best is that they are enter-twined with many other trees that create a canopy over the street. It really is a beautiful sight.

I thought I'd try to paint what it looks like in my folk-arty way. I crackled the tree trunks and the road to give a bit more texture and to try to emulate the actual bark and roadway. Naturally I don't drive down the middle of the street...just an fyi. =P

Click images for closeups of the crackle. 13.5" x 10" on wood.

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Naija said...


here in skåne south part od sweden theres is several roads with trees on both sides of the road..its so cosy to drive there..there is a japansese tree that called cherry three and its has pink flowers so prtetty..