04 April 2009


Sometimes when I have visitors, I tend to 'doodle' because I can't actually paint. Normally, I don't 'doodle' at all. For my paintings I'll have the idea go from my head to the canvas, no doodling involved. I did this the other day (by other day I mean a few months ago) and totally forgot about it until today. Well the actual doodle was just ink on paper, black and white. Then I scanned it and opened the scan into my old love, Photoshop. I thought I'd give it just some simple coloring, and liked how it turned out. So I tried some different colors. I think they're kind of fun. Just simple kitties in a bug driving down the road. I'm not sure if I'll ever offer prints of these because they're not much, but I might just to see if anyone likes them. =)

1 comment:

Naija said...


Im do not like light colours just varm colours as in the nature..If you ever offer these as print then make differnet scenes around the cars then so they get mor "life"..people like most blue colurs and the blackgrey colour and dark purple and old pink...