07 April 2009

Hello Sunshine!

We had a great weekend, my family and I. It was the first official Spring sun-fun time. Baseball and t-ball practices and games. The weather couldn't have been more perfect. To end it, today was the annual Run for the Arts affair for the schools here, where sponsors (parents, friends, etc) give a certain amount of money x how many laps the kids run in half an hour. The sky was sun-filled and beautiful...
I just looked down at my hands and realised why I dread the first sun days of the year. I have what's called Polymorphic Light Eruptions (PLE) where basically I'm having a reaction to the UVA and UVB rays from the sunlight. It's like an allergic reaction. I have no allergies, except for about a month or so from the sun. My hands/fingers go first. Swelling and breaking out into tons of little red bumps. It's painful and itchy and god forbid I accidently knock my hand on something! I've dealt with this since I was a teenager in Southern California. It always made Summers interesting. Long sleeves, I wore gloves for a short while, but that didn't help. It was when I lived in Spain that I realised it actually would happen on my legs too. Thankfully, my face is spared, it doesn't break out.

So anyway, just taking a personal moment to share. It's almost time for my daughter's t-ball practice so I better get going!


Naija said...


you seems to been everywhere :0

Kilkennycat said...

Just Iceland, Spain and the U.S. =)