09 April 2009

Did I mention...

my crackle obsession? Oh good. I'm working on three paintings at the moment. The closest one to being finished is another Spring angel. I kind of expected the other one to hang around a while, but it sold today. Right now the new one is busy cracking. I have to wait until that's completely dry before I put on the dark glaze that'll seep into the cracks. While I wait for that, I have another angel painting in process and a VW Bus. =) More pictures to come later!

In other news, my daughter is apparently 'making' an opera in her music class...so that explains why she's been singing operatically throughout the house the past 2 days. lol


Naija said...


opera is nice once i dreamed of being a operasinger lol

Kilkennycat said...

I love opera. I think I dream of being an opera singer all the time. lol If only... =D