20 March 2009

Purple VW Bus

Well it's officially Spring Break for my kids. Yay? We're not going anywhere since we're saving to pay the movers to possibly get to Oil City, Pa by September, but I guess it's nice for them to have a week off to endure Mom school. Muuuahahaha...no not really. It's fun for them to sit with me at the laptop and learn new things, read the English and Icelandic dictionary, and practice catching and throwing for their Little League. That's our Spring Break. I'm sure we'll think of some fun art projects to do as well. Lord knows I have boxes and boxes of supplies for them to think up wonderful little creations to which they'll say, "Mama, can we sell these on Etsy?", haha...and yes they do actually charge me here and there for their artwork. =|

Oh right, back to the point of this post... my newest painting! Always when the idea of road trips, Spring Break, Holiday travel, etc, my Cats' Road Trip series comes to mind. Today I painted a purple and white VW Van/bus. Featuring a mom tuxedo cat and her two little kittens (apropos to my family =P) headed off to a surprise location. I guess you'll have to find out later where that surprise location is... It's in my head for now, but it'll be on a canvas soon enough!

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