23 March 2009


Yes, maybe the title of this blog post is a bit too enthusiastic. But I just finished a pink and white VW Bus... Reflecting on my last post, yes it's Spring Break, no we're not driving anywhere, yet I think that the looming thought of us moving to Pennsylvania is on my mind. When we move, we drive. By 'we' I mean I drive, my mom is in the passenger seat, my children are in the back seat, and in the very back we'll have the cockatiel, the green singer, the two little finches, Puddy cat, and Merlin cat. Yes, we'll all be packed into the Volvo, driving cross-country. Birds, cats, computers, and people. Whee!

2004-Latte shop somewhere in Nebraska

That technically isn't the worst part of the drive. I mean the kids will have their lap games and a dvd player to entertain them-plus the mewing and singing in the back. lol My mom and I will have the endless cd's and talk radio to entertain us. We've found all the hidden coffee drive-thrus from here to North Carolina, so coffee is covered. The worst part is...the hotels. We stay at the nicer hotels, but as I've read too often, perhaps against my own best judgment, the lack of proper cleaning of hotel rooms has me literally frightened. Bed bugs, staph infections, filthy floors, I mean I could go on and on...but I don't want to ball myself in a corner for the rest of the day so I'll stop there. If we could sleep in the Volvo, I totally would, but that's probably not going to happen, so we'll be packing plastic bed covers alongside the rest of our contents. lol

Ok, perhaps I'm worrying too much, but I have a serious issue with bugs. We left North Carolina after about 5 months because of house centipedes. Eek...I can't even bare to think too much about those. I'd post a photo, but I suggest you google them if you haven't seen one before. I'd like to be able to look at my blog, but with a photo of that bug on it, I'm afraid I'd have to avoid my blog for a while!

Enough about all that, time to paint some more. =)

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T.Allen-Mercado said...

You've been on a roll! I like the pink VW bus. I'm with you on the bug issue-I'm afraid of everything except ladybugs and bees.