14 March 2009

The Picture Wall

My latest painting on this wet and soggy Saturday. My favorite things include cats and antiques, which most people know by now.

So how could I resist another fun old sofa and kitties! Looking out my own window and seeing it's grey and rainy didn't provide the brightest of inspiration. Instead, I looked at my wall to the left. That's where many of my paintings currently for sale are hanging. Why not make little works of art for the wall in my painting? Sounded like a good plan! I think it came out pretty super. =)


Flor Larios Art said...

It is super...wow! I am impressed!

cuity said...

hi, i love your paintings. i myself also paint. i use watercolor paint so, my paintings are not as vibrant as yours. i am curious, what type of paint do you use? do you use oil paints or acrylics, or do you have any special treatment? please help.

Kilkennycat said...

Hi Cuity-I actually never saw your comment until now. Hopefully you see my reply. I use acrylic paints. No special treatment, they're vibrant on their own. =)