16 March 2009

My largest angel and cat painting yet...

I had this 12" x 24" canvas laying around and was wondering what I should do with it. Sometimes, when I finish a painting, I often want to paint another slightly similar or with the same theme...this is how my numerous themes have come about. So I thought about it and decided I was going to paint another painting in my angels and cats series.

Mind you, I'm used to painting all my characters on smaller canvasses, like 4"x4" to 8x8, so actually painting a face and a cat on 12" x 24" seemed daunting. I took a deep breath and just started painting. I think they came out cute. The painting looks super in person, but as always, my photos don't do it justice. I managed to scan the top and middle part of her though, so the scans look great. lol

I added a touch of gold leaf to the top just to give some shine to the painting. I do love gold leaf. =P

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Naija said...


i love your angels they are toooooo cute..more of it pls lol