17 March 2009

Happy Saint Patrick's Day

I hope you all have a happy and safe day. This year we decided not to go to Kell's for our annual celebration. The weather has been just too 'peh' and frankly, we just didn't want to go downtown. So staying in and painting was on the menu for today!

Finished this morning, my latest painting is of Cecilia and Cecil. Both with black hair and green eyes (I'm partial to both as I too have black hair and green eyes), they felt they were an instant match!

Back I go to finish another painting. =P


T.Allen-Mercado said...

Cecilia and Cecil are gorgeous! No St. Patty's festivities here in AZ-I'm feeling homesick for NYC where everyone is Irish on St. Patty's day...and Jewish on Hannukkah, and Mexican on Cinco de Mayo-we just know how to party in NYC. Bleh Arizona, at least it's 80 degrees and clear skies.

Kilkennycat said...

Hi Tameka! Nothing there for St. Patty's? How weird! Normally I don't mind the rain here, but it's ccccold, so it's not so nice. Frankly I've been done with Winter for 2 months now. lol I'm sure nothing can compare to NYC's festivities...we'll be 5 hours away from NYC when we move to Penn. Woohoo!!!