18 March 2009

Girls and Cats

Whether they be angels or pretend fairies, or bunny rabbits, they seem to be my theme for the week, and I'm ok with that. =)

I'll apologise in advance for having such short posts on my blog, but on this computer (art computer) the keyboard's letters a, q, and z don't work. I literally have to type and use ctrl + v to paste my a's or the other two (thankfully aren't used as fre...you get the idea). It's a pain to say the least and one day I plan to buy a new keyboard. lol


T.Allen-Mercado said...

Cats are a constant source of entertainment around here as well. I've purchased a journal which I plan to fill for them in first person...well first cat, y'know anthropomorphously. I'm thinking it just migt be something fun to look back on when they're older.

I've gone through quite a few keyboards; spilled beer, pretzel crumbs, chocolate, mod podge-you name it! I hope you get a new one soon.

Kilkennycat said...

Haha a cat journal, that's awesome (oh my 1 key doesn't work either so adding in ! is a chore as well.) I'm getting pretty good at this pasting thing...except when I hit ctrl + b or worse + r which refreshes the whole page and I lose everything I've typed. Not fun lol

I just love cats, they're a never ending bundle of love, cleverness, and amusement. Though I do need to figure out which cat is waking me up every morning at 3:30. Neither is talking...

The keyboard, I never specifically go out to buy a new one, therefor I always forget! lol I'm starting to ctrl+v on my other computer's keyboard out of habit and that's not working so well. =P