30 March 2009


I think it's becoming a habit to paint one painting in the morning and another at night. I just finished this painting of a girl who just had to give this bunny a hug, much to the chagrin of her cat, Basil. I figured with Easter coming up and the whole "easter rabbit" thing, I'd paint another painting for the holiday. This time, with an actual rabbit. =P I think now is a good time to actually find out when Easter is this year.


T.Allen-Mercado said...

Easter is the 12th...someone filled me in last week whilst looking for an excuse..er I mean good reason to buy a bunny shaped topiary.(faux foliage of course)

I love the eyes on the jealous kitten. We have a guinea pig who gets his share of jealous kittie hisses.

Kilkennycat said...

Oh wow that soon is it? Eek...I need to sew a couple toys for the kids then lol! OOOO a topiary shaped as a bunny? I need to see this!

Silly jealous kitties. =)